Pros and Cons of Betting on Your Team

Betting should not be an emotional business and experienced punters and tipsters will surely tell you the same thing.

It takes a strong character however to overlook betting on one’s favourite team which provides bettors with an opportunity to enjoy an adrenaline rush significantly more intensified than which is the case with regular bets.

Before you place a wager on your favourite side however it would be wise to analyse all of the Pros and Cons on betting on the club you love. The same goes for all other types of bet whether you have a favourite tennis player, horse or a dog for that matter.


One thing that stands out as the biggest advantage when it comes to betting on your favourite team is that you have a deep insight and knowledge that could give you great betting edge. If you are an avid fan and follow your team’s every move, you will be quite familiar with all the injury updates, team morale, potential personal issues and ultimately style of play and the form your players are in. You will know your coaches their tactical width and limitations as well, which will allow you to make a valid comparisons to their rivalling numbers.

Statistics related to your team’s performance will play a great part as well and we are sure that you will be well positioned to make wise judgment on your team’s ability to score goals, put great pressure on the opponents and therefore win both halves or end the game without conceding. Ultimately, the statistical insight will allow you to make a bet against your team if you decide it is a wise thing to do.


Emotions are the biggest issue when betting on your team. They are the driving force and as such are difficult to avoid when placing any kind of bet, but if you want to be successful at betting you need to find a way to switch them off. When placing a bet on your team, you need to be objective and leave your personal preferences aside. Here we come to one of the Pro section details – betting against your team. As hard as it can get, it sometimes is the only logical choice and if you manage to fight against your emotions and contain them for the occasion, you are probably going to make a right bet.

Managing money is another issue that needs to be reviewed with betting on your own teams. The emotions we talked about have a funny way of blurring your vision and can play a great part in fooling you into thinking that investing more money than what should be placed on your team to win could end up being the right thing to do. It often isn’t the case however. When it comes to betting on the team of your choice, repeating the same mistakes often comes as a great peril. If your bet failed last time there is no way it will fail now, right? Again, wrong.