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Our informative reviews will help you choose the best football betting site to play at whereas our bookmakers’ table will present a comparative overview of different new betting sites’ offers and requirements, payout percentage or live streaming availability. We recognise the importance of distinguishing the best and most trusted betting sites and difficulties in identifying them in a vast and ever-expanding sea of online bookmakers so we made sure to only review and list those sites that are trusted and licensed in accordance to strict UK laws.

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BettingSiteRankEst.Odds PayoutFootball MarginsWelcome OfferMin.OddsOffer RequirementBonus Expiry DaysClaim Link
8.00200395.80%6.20%Click T&Cs1.6 (3/5)Opening Offer Available – Expand for more details30Claim Now

50% up to £100; Bonus Code: WB10BET

  1. New Customers
  2. Min. deposit £15 (no Skrill/Neteller)
  3. Bonus amount is 50% of deposit up to £100
  4. 6x deposit and bonus turnover (min. odds 3/5 on singles and 2/5 per selection on acca bets), in 30 days, for bonus release
  5. Some bet types don’t contribute to turnover
  6. Withdrawal before turnover results in bonus cancellation; Terms apply; 18+.
8.10200296.00%5.90%1002.0 (1/1)100% profit boost of up to 1007Claim Now
6.90199994.40%6.90%101.5 (1/2)Exclusive Bonus 4 this site-Read review for details180Claim Now
7.37201694.20%8.00%102.0 (1/1)Bet 10 Get 1014Claim Now
7.98201195.70%5.60%101.80 (4/5)10 Freebet + 20 Free spins & 25 Casino Bonus14Claim Now
7.45201694.60%9.00%402.0 (1/1)Free bet up to £40 + £50 Casino Bonus-EXCLUSIVE14Claim Now
7.35200794,6%7.70%50£2.0 (1/1)Bet 20 Get 50 Free Bet- EXCLUSIVE OFFER30Claim Now
7.58201496.00%4.40%201.80 (4/5)BET X2 10 GET X2 10 - EXCLUSIVE14Claim Now
7.32201696.00%7.00%104.0 (3/1)Bet 10 get a 10 Free Bet7Claim Now
Royal Panda
Royal Panda
6.50201694.40%7.00%202.0 (1/1)100% deposit bonus up to £2090Claim Now
7.10201695.60%6.40%1001.50 (1/2)50% deposit bonus up to 100-Bonus code SN10030Claim Now
7.70200995.20%5.40%200£1.6 (3/5)100% up to £200- EXCLUSIVE OFFER Bonus Code TONY2007Claim Now
8.03201794,90%6.20%01.1DOUBLE THE ODDS60Claim Now
8.34196792.77%8.20%70£2.0 (1/1)Bet £10 Get Up To £70 In Free Bets7Claim Now
8.26199994.00%7.90%1001.5 (1/2)Get up to 100 (5 x 20 free bets)-Promo code ZBBC0130Claim Now

*Rating are calculated by our resident math whiz from 5 different sources: Good Bookmaker Review, Bookmakers Review, SBR, WOSB, Top 100 Bookmakers and – making them more universally accurate

New betting sites - football margins best

The easiest way to understand a betting margin is a coin toss example.

The coin toss comes with only two possible outcomes which means that neither side of the bet will hold any advantage and the odds of 2.00 (1/1) or +100 in American odds are indeed the actual probability of the event occurring (0.5).

This kind of a market is a zero-margin market, but with betting against a bookmaker the market percentage will be higher than 100% and it is the price bookmaker charges for offering its services.

The two-way market such as a coin toss is similar to tennis betting where there draw outcome is non-existing and the easiest way to determine the odds in this case is to use the following formula:

(1/Decimal Odds A)*100 + (1/Decimal Odds B)*100

If we are to bet on a match between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray with Djokovic available at the betting odds of 1.65 and Murray standing at 2.35, the betting margin for this particular game will be:

(1/1.65)*100 + (1/2.35)*100 = 60.6 + 42.55 = 103.15% This result gives you a betting margin of 3.15%

When it comes to a three-way outcome in sports such as football which are considered high-margin sports, the formula is similar with a third factor:

(1/Decimal Odds A)*100 + (1/Decimal Odds B)*100 + (1/Decimal Odds C)*100

If we want to bet on Arsenal against Liverpool at the Emirates and assume that the Gunners will be given odds of 2.10 with Liverpool priced at 3.60 and 3.40 on a draw, the margin will be calculated as follows:

(1/2.10)*100 + (1/3.60)*100 + (1/3.42)*100 = 47.62 + 27.78 + 29.41 = 104.81 which makes the margin stand at 4.81%.

This is close to 100%, so punters are getting a good deal, but the bookmaker has put in a 4.81% margin here, so if they have an even book, with the same amount of real money placed on each player, their profit is 4.81% of the market.

Comparing the odds for a same event across various bookmakers will offer a different margin so using the above mentioned formula will allow you to make well-educated decisions when it comes to where to place your bets and get best value for your money.


The closer to 100% a bookmaker bets to, the better odds they have on offer and the smaller profit margin they have. Those who bet far away from 100% will be giving punters a poor deal, and will have a bigger profit margin built in.


Bookmakers work a profit into the odds that they offer, and this profit margin will vary between each bookmaker. With so many online bookmakers available to punters, the margins have shortened and punters are getting the best deal they ever have done.

Being knowledgeable when it comes to the pay outs on offer can help you become a better gambler, and help you place your bets in the right place. Every sport and betting market will have a pay out calculated and it is this calculation that gives the bookmaker their odds for the event. This pay out margin is in place to make sure that bookmakers make a profit, despite the potential for losses from paying out their punters.

The basic fact is that bookmakers will never pay out 100% of the stakes they receive, some of this will be kept as profit. The pay out margin is usually somewhere around 95%, meaning the bookmakers aim to make a 5% profit from all the betting markets they produce. This doesn’t work every time, depending on the book and how many different outcomes are backed but the bookmakers try to pay out £95 for every £100 that they bring in.

When creating their odds, alongside deciding which selection they think will win and how strongly they fancy it to win, bookmakers will also add in their margin. This calculation forms the odds that we see on offer from our bookmaker on a daily basis.

In order to calculate it, let’s use the game between Liverpool and Chelsea where hosts are given the odds of 11/10 (2.10) to win, while the draw is priced at 13/5 (3.60) and Away win can be found at 12/5 (3.40) betting odds with Betfair.

Converting the odds for all three outcomes in this match to percentages and adding them together will reveal the bookmaker’s over round in this particular case.

Liverpool: 2.10
Draw: 3.60
Chelsea: 3.40
(100 / 2.10) + (100 / 3.60) + (100 / 3.40) = 47.62 + 27.78 + 29.41 = 104.81

A profit margin closer to 100% represent better value of the odds for the tipsters themselves which means that Betfair has a rather favourable pay out percentage.

In order to calculate the pay out percentage for the same football example above, we need to do another calculus.

——————————————————– =0.952
1 / 2.10 + 1 / 3.60 + 1 / 3.40

The calculation above indicates that Betfair’s pay out percentage is 0.952 which translates into 95.2% which ultimately means that this bookmaker has a profit margin of 4.8%.

fotball betting sites gambling commission

When you are signing up with a new betting site, you should always look into the website and see if it is a legitimate place to bet. If you are in the United Kingdom then you must bet with a bookmaker that is registered and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This ensures that they have passed strict tests and they are recognised as a safe place to play. With this, you can deposit funds and place bets completely with the peace of mind you are safe, allowing you to enjoy your experience.

Every single new bookmaker on is licensed and registered with the UK Gambling Commission, we only want you to play in a safe environment. You can check up on websites by yourself if you wish, they must show their UK license information at the bottom of their homepage, so look here if you want to find out more.

By betting with a bookmaker that has a license to trade in the UK you give yourself the following protection:

  • No misleading offers or conditions, everything is open and honest with clear information
  • Responsible gambling will take place, including the protection of minors
  • By knowing your details, bookmakers will work to prevent crime and fraud
  • Your funds will be held in a secured separate account
  • You can approach the Gambling Commission
  • and complain about a bookmaker

If you choose to ignore this and bet with a bookmaker that has no UK license then you will no

new betting sites - bonus types

New bookmakers go to extreme lengths to fight for new customers and to retain the existing base of players. One of the most obvious methods online bookmakers deploy are betting offers and bonuses which come in different shape and form.Betting offers have evolved over time, but they remain one of the biggest attractions and selling points with new customers. Some of the most common bonuses and offers you’ll find at the majority of trusted online bookmakers are listed below.

Free Bets and Free spins

It’s a quite self-explanatory concept as Free Bets are actually an amount of money the bookmaker will deposit to your betting account upon registration. They usually follow a deposit of your own but you need to keep in mind that free bets is not the amount of money you can keep and withdraw. If you win, the bookmaker will let you keep the winnings and not the wagering sum of the free bet. In some instances, you will need to wager your net winnings before you are even allowed to withdraw those as well.

Deposit Bonus

Usually presented as a percentage of your total deposit, this type of a bonus is arguably the most popular one with online bookmakers and casinos. Deposit bonus goes anywhere from 25% up to as much to 100% and sometimes even more onto your first deposit. What this actually means is that on a 50% deposit bonus you will be granted additional £20 pounds on a £40 deposit.

Matched Bonus

Only a variation of the deposit bonus, a matched bonus allows you to grab the amount equal to your initial deposit. The matched bonus has become the most searched bonuses in the online betting industry and for a good reason too. Betting giants are racing to offer as lucrative matched bonuses as possible to their players and the sums you can hope to grab vary from £10 to £50. These come in smaller amounts and are a preferred option to higher matched bonuses allowing deposits of up to £100 or more, simply because they will require being turned over once before you can withdraw your winnings.

No Deposit Bonus

Not that of a common bonus anymore, no deposit bonus is a sum given to new players for simply opening their new account at a given bookmaker. They might sound like one of the most appealing forms of bonuses, but they usually come with strict restrictions that will prevent you from withdrawing the money.

Mobile Bonus

The online betting world is now knees deep in mobile gaming and the end of its popularity is not in sight. Operators have recognised the need to go mobile and are offering all kinds of perks to their players that come from mobile devices.

Read more about other types of bonuses

The expansion of online betting has seen many new UK betting sites emerge overnight. The increased number of new-sprung betting companies should enhance the competition and improve the betting conditions, which sadly not always is the case.

Good thing you have decided to come to us for help since grabbing all of the advice and guidelines you can get prior to placing your first-ever bet at an online betting site is a wise thing to do.

There are several important aspects to consider while looking for the best betting sites UK and further below are some of the key points listed for your consideration.


Security is another very important topic. A comparison in this category is rather difficult as of course, it is illegal to overcome the security measures to test their reliability and safety. All we can do is to make you aware of measures such as existing betting licenses, encodings or support organisations for the protection against gambling addiction. Basically, everything that helps protect you, your money and data.

Every online bookmaker has a valid concession from various regulating institutions and prevention of gambling addiction as this is a major matter for all of them. Above that, nearly all bookmakers cooperate with companies and organisations that recognise and prevent fraud in the gambling industry. Most betting sites are generally transmitted encoded even if you are not logged in yet. Other bookmakers such as bet365, Ladbrokes or BetVictor only encode financial transactions.

Safe Betting Sites and How to Find Them


There are several things you need to consider when choosing a top site. Firstly, you need to size up the betting sites offers that is available as a welcome bonus. What size of free bet is available and does the betting site offer this as an initial deposit bonus, a matched bet or something else?

New Betting sites free bets no deposit and Bonus offers for new customers are not the main criteria for comparing bookmakers. However, we still want to have a look at this as you are looking for a new bookmaker and will benefit from it. Most new customer bonuses are around £50 to £200, rarely higher or lower. More important to check in this case, however, are the bonus conditions. They contain the details about how quickly you can pay out your bonus money or how long you have to keep using it for bets. The pay-out also often is done very differently. While with most bookmakers you can use your bonus immediately for sports bets, with some bookmakers the free bets have to be activated first with qualifying bets.

Are Free Bets Really Free? Types of Bonuses and Free Bets How to Convert Free Bets into Cash


Competitive odds and extensive markets are what separates the top bookmakers. Finding a site that offers Premier League betting is quite easy as most of the bookmakers will cover the most popular competitions regardless of the sport, but lower leagues and those obscure competitions the most avid bettors love is what makes a truly great operator.

Once your mind has been made, make sure to check out the sports category on the selected betting site. Let’s say you are a football fan predominantly, you will naturally be interested to see if the operator offers a competition you follow or like the most.

Subsequently, you want to check which markets are available to bet on and although most of the inexperienced bettors will start their betting career by going for the Winner option, it won’t be too long before you have started experiencing other options such as Over/Under goals, HT/FT result and many others.

It goes without saying, make sure your chosen site offers competitive odds and gives you best value for the respective bet choice.

How to Read Odds/Betting Margins Explained


Visual appearance should be the least of our concerns, but having an easy-to-manage and interface with a clearly presented offering and function buttons will of course, make your betting time more enjoyable.


You also need to establish the betting site terms and conditions when it comes to the free bet. Do you need to roll over your initial stake and free bet a certain number of times before a withdrawal can be made? The bookmaker’s site might also specify min and max odds requirements for qualifying bets so make sure you follow these.


Modern-day betting is a fast-paced activity and people who live on the go like to have their favourite bookmaker with them all the time. The emergence of betting apps has made the very process of betting more personal and entertaining, with betting operators investing a great deal of effort to make mobile betting on par with desktop experience and even better

As we all know looks are secondary to performance so avoid making your decisions simply based on how good a betting site looks.

Today mobile apps are essential. The majority of the people already owns a smartphone or a tablet and the usage will continue to rise. Therefore an app is a must also for bookmakers. Transferring their betting offer to an app has been achieved well by some and not so well by others. This is not only regarding the technical side but also regarding usability and clear structured data.

Compare Mobile betting sites


When choosing the right online bookmaker, you also need to sort out the best one that has special features such as In-Play betting, Cash Out, Live Streaming and Money Back Specials.

Most bookies now have In-Play betting available across a range of sports and that’s especially important for football, tennis, cricket and other sports where an event can last a significant amount of time.

Bookmakers offering Cash Out are worth a visit, with customers able to place a bet on a sporting event and then have the option to Cash Out or Cash In your bet should you want to make a quick profit or instead cut your losses. This is a new addition to many online bookies and it’s especially good if you’ve got a winning accumulator that has just a leg or two to run.

New betting sites that offer cash out


Deposit and Withdrawal Equally importantly, make sure to check the deposit, withdrawal and E-wallet payment methods before you decide to choose a betting site specially for debit cards. The issue of deposits and withdrawals no longer is the same problem than before as most big-name bookies like to take a good care of this aspect of the betting process, knowing that it can have a key role on the players.

Punters without exception like to have their deposits processed without any extra costs and their winnings paid out in real cash and as soon as possible so taking a few moments to consider this part of the choosing process is – as it was said before – equally important.

New Betting Sites that offer Skrill | New betting sites that offer Neteller | New betting sites that offer Paypal


Make sure you also choose an online betting site which has excellent customer service and ideally Live Chat which is available on a 24/7 basis. The chances are you’ll need to contact a member of customer services somewhere along the line whether it’s in the form of a payment query or a question over a bet.

It’s also worth comparing the odds when it comes to online bookmakers. You always want to be getting the best possible price with the bookies, so it’s worth having several online betting accounts so that you can shop around and get the best odds.


Naturally, you want to be able to navigate through a betting site without problems so that is one thing when it comes to appearance you should be paying attention to. Layout and interface can play a part in how much time you spend at a bookmaker’s and most of the top-notch operators will have attractive designs and sites that are either optimised or that come with a fully functioning mobile app.

Betting features are what you should be really paying attention to. First of all, have a look at a welcome bonus and existing customer promotions to get a better insight into what you can expect if you choose to register your account.

In-Play betting is another important option to look at given the unstoppable emergence of this type of sports bet. While analysing the In-Play offer, pay attention to sports and markets that are on offer, how quickly the odds are being updated and whether the site will provide you with live coverage of the games and events you want to bet on.

As many of the experienced punters know, choosing a right betting operator should by no means be a random action and all punters – casual players or those thinking of themselves as pros – should be rigorous with their selection process.

  1. New betting websites are appearing all the time, and we ensure that our regular updates to this site will keep you ahead of the game. These new betting companies give you the opportunity to take advantage of another welcome bonus if you already have many accounts, but they also bring competitive odds, good in-play betting and much more. These new bookmakers have to do something to attract customers and make them stand out from the crowd, which is good for punters like you.
  2. New betting websites will give you an option to turn a clean sheet in case you got tired of a certain bookie or in case you got caught up in the middle of a losing run. A change of scenery is always of positive impact for a punter and it might also signal the end of your poor patch.
  3. A lucrative welcome bonus would be yet another morale-boost for any of you who decide to change bookies, whereas an alternative set of markets and odds can ideally give you a different betting perspective and be a desired shove in the back or a pat on the shoulder.
  4. There is a wide array of Latest betting sites which are almost starting to emerge daily. A couple of operators such as Bet365 or William Hill have raised the bar pretty high up and with strict demands of the betting business set up by these reputable names, the new arrivals such as Mr Green or Leo Vegas are forced to push their game extremely high in order to become competitive.
  5. That being said, you can hardly go wrong by choosing to have a try at any of these latest additions to the betting landscape.