Paying for Your Mobile Games

The move towards using our mobiles rather than our laptops or desktop computers is still increasing and this move has affected the way we carry out many daily tasks.

Not only do we use our portable devices for browsing, online banking and booking a restaurant amongst a myriad of other tasks, but we are also sourcing more of our entertainment using our mobile devices, especially our smartphones, and that entertainment also includes have a bet or wager on our favourite online casino.

In fact, the online gambling industry was pretty savvy in recognising the potential of the mobile phone market and was one of the first to embrace all things mobile.

This resulted in mobile games being fully optimised for the mobile user who expects games to play just as well on their smartphone as they do on the home computer, and these expectations include great graphics, audio and video clips, as well as being able to play when and where players choose with all the bonuses and promotional offers included.

These expectations took a little while to accomplish but once technology advanced far enough and the internet became more reliable and wider spread, then games became something we could totally immerse ourselves into, something we could enjoy when we had some spare time, and all in an environment that is safe and secure as well as being highly entertaining.

It is therefore only natural that many players like to pay for their games using their mobile phones using BOKU, and although this payment method has been about for a while not everyone is aware of it like they are of VISA and PayPal.

Pay by mobile casino websites have a big advantage over other, more traditional online casinos because they offer punters the added option of paying for games using their mobile phones, which cuts out all of the middle men, including your bank.

Many people simply do not enjoy giving their bank details over to different websites, so using BOKU takes all of that potential stress away, and once it is set up the payment method is very quick and simple to use.

BOKU allows you to either have the cost of your games added onto your monthly phone bill or taken off your 'pay as you go' amount, and you can learn more about the service on the BOKU website where you can sign up with them by pressing the 'Apply Now' button at the bottom of the page.

Of course, BOKU does have its limitations as currently you are only permitted to buy up to £30 of games each day which might not suit some high rollers (credit cards have a £500 a day limit), although for some keeping a check on the daily spend is a good thing.

This limit is also useful if you happen to lose or have your smartphone stolen as you would not be left with a hefty bill at the end of the month.


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