LeoVegas Live Betting Odds Integrated in Search Engine Maps

Having first hit the gaming scene as a big influence in an online casino landscape, LeoVegas have significantly increased their reach in the overall industry over the past twelve months.

LeoVegas Leads Way with Innovative Live Odds Integration. The self-proclaimed ‘King of Mobile Casino Gaming’ introduced their impressive LeoVegas Sports platform as a brave step into the sportsbook offering which is turning to be quite a success for the Swedish gaming giants.

LeoVegas’ sportsbook graced the scene at different times in different countries and is yet to reach its full potential. The company is taking great care and notice about legal aspects of the sports betting industry and is carefully handpicking the jurisdictions around the globe. As the company’s homeland Sweden is the most fortunate country to become the first one to fully experience the new and unique advertising campaign which has LeoVegas live betting odds integrated in search engine maps.

LeoVegas Teams Up with Hitta.se

LeoVegas signed a three-month partnership with Swedish search engine hitta.se which now features LeoVegas odds within the maps and search functions. Live betting odds are now displayed next to specific sports bars and stadiums which are in a way related to the games being shown or played at a given time. This ground-breaking feature comes as just another in line of innovations coming from one of the most progressive gaming operators in the world.

Swedish punters are fortunate enough to have the ability to see live betting odds while browsing online in the initial test that is expected to bring great results. Presenting available wagers to those who would be most interested in sports betting truly makes for an impressive marketing strategy. The new feature gets triggered when users utilise hitta.se map functionality to look for a specific address of an arena or a sports bar. Once they type it in, LeoVegas live betting odds integration will kick in and Swedish punters will be given more than what they bargained for.

Feature’s Functionality

If, in example, you are searching for a sports arena, the new feature will check if there is a sporting event occurring or upcoming for the venue in question. If the answer is yes than hitta.se will have the most recent odds for a particular event displayed on the map alongside all other usual map details. The newest marketing campaign arrives as an addition to the existing LeoVegas-connected searches without sporting ties such as location services. LeoVegas and hitta.se have put in a lot of effort to make the latest addition as less intrusive and disruptive as possible.

“In addition to our live odds being linked to ongoing matches, we also promote LeoVegas through our brand ambassadors on a bigger search scale.”, LeoVegas marketing director Louise Nylen said. It is exactly Louise Nylen who has taken the greatest credit for LeoVegas cutting-edge marketing strategy with her innovative approach helping her become one of the most reputable figures in the gaming industry.