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How to Win at Betting in 7 Easy Steps Bookies Don’t Want You to Know

  • March 16, 2021
Beneath all the excitement brought by sports betting there lies a great deal of risk. A risk that after that adrenaline rush most of us will be left with empty pockets and empty h Read More

University of Tokyo Researchers Build Betting Forecast Models to Beat Bookies

  • March 01, 2021
Firstly, a group of Japanese scientists have invented an approach to quantum computing which is able to render a significantly larger number of calculations more efficiently than r Read More

Claim the Best Odds with an Odds Checker Tool

  • January 27, 2021
In terms of the tools that are available for punters to use, the coverage we have right now has never been as strong, and they will only help you and improve your betting. By u Read More

The Sweet 16 Football Bet Explained

  • December 29, 2020
There are a multitude of bets out there available for punters to use, but one of the best of them is also one of the least known. This is the Sweet 16 bet, perfect for football and Read More

what is a dutch bet in horse racing?

  • December 18, 2020
You may have heard of the term Dutch betting but not known what it means. The fact is that many people out there will have placed a Dutch bet in the past, without ever realisin Read More

A Guide to Forecast and Tricast Betting

  • December 04, 2020
Betting on forecasts and tricasts is an alternative way to look at many sports, and this way of betting will offer you far greater odds than just simply picking the winner of an ev Read More

How to Understand Betting Odds

  • September 23, 2020
For people new to betting, one of the most complicated aspects of it is the ability to understand and feel comfortable with betting odds. One of the first lessons you should ta Read More

What is a Void Bet?

  • August 27, 2020
Anyone who has gambled for a period of time will have probably come across a void bet at some point. There are many different types of void bet that can happen, each with the s Read More

What is Courtsiding & Can You Make Good Money Out of It?

  • December 21, 2019
Of the total gamblers around the world, it is said that 97% lose overall while just 3% make money. Picking the right selections is just part of the plan needed to win, you also Read More

Is Virtual Racing Fixed? Updated November 2021

  • November 19, 2019
Virtual racing is the most recent betting craze which has generated a huge base in the United Kingdom. A couple of new betting operators in the country lead the way in th Read More

What is sports betting and is it profitable?

  • October 25, 2019
Just like the word itself, sports betting is just an activity of guessing the results of a certain game being played and getting money out of it. For people who love gambling at Read More

Rugby Betting Explained Simply

  • October 09, 2019
Rugby Union is a hugely popular sport around the world, with the game being played in Europe, Australasia, Asia, Africa and America. With worldwide appeal, it is easy to see wh Read More