Beginners Guide to Bitcoin Gambling

You will have more than likely heard of Bitcoin, but did you know that you can gamble with Bitcoin online? If you don’t know, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and just like any other currency the value of it may go up or down. This is not connected to any government or country, meaning it is a private commodity.

What Should You Know About Bitcoin Gambling?

There is plenty to think about if you are considering a move into Bitcoin gambling, so be sure to read up before you take the plunge to ensure you are prepared for the differences.

Can You Gamble Online with Bitcoins?

Yes, you can and this is becoming a more popular way of gambling thanks to the advance security around Bitcoin. When playing online you will find some Bitcoin-only websites, and others that accept Bitcoin amongst other currencies. Neteller allow you the chance to deposit Bitcoins into your accounts through them, and they are making life easier for those who want to give Bitcoin a chance.

How Do You Buy Bitcoins?

You can buy Bitcoin online with ease, and the first thing you have to do is create a wallet address. Once you have done this and located your bitcoin address, you need to find an exchange or market to trade for your bitcoin. To buy you deposit money into your Bitcoin wallet and it is with these funds that you can buy Bitcoin. The cost varies depending on demand at the time, and this can vary a lot so it is often worth monitoring the markets.

How Fast is a Bitcoin Transaction?

By avoiding traditional banking methods, you will be able to transfer money much quicker when using Bitcoin, and this is another reason why many people use it. Getting cash out of the bank can take days, while cheque payments can take even longer, when it comes to Bitcoin, everything is done in minutes so you no longer have to wait.

Do You Have to Pay for Bitcoin Gambling?

No, there are no transaction costs associated with gambling with Bitcoin. This doesn’t matter if you are doing a multi-currency transfer, or where you are completing the transfer, everything is free with Bitcoin. This bypasses the charges for depositing and withdrawing that some casino and betting companies have in place when they are handling your money.

Is Gambling with Bitcoin Legal and Regulated?

Whether you are looking at a Bitcoin website, or one that accepts multiple currencies including Bitcoin, the same rule applies here. You should always check that the place where you intend to play is licensed and regulated by the country you are playing in. If you are from the UK then the majority of UK licensed gambling websites have the Gambling Commission logo at the bottom of their page, so be sure to look out for this. This is a very important step for you to complete, and you should always check this out before opening an account and making a deposit.