Alternative Payment Methods to Use with Bookmakers

When making a deposit with your bookmaker there are many different ways in which you can place funds into your account. This is especially good if you don’t want every bookmaker you use to hold your important bank card details. A common way to transfer is to not use your bank card, and instead use your bank details and you can do this by transferring money through a bank transfer or by sending a cheque.

Bank Wire

A bank wire is a transfer between one bank account and another, allowing you to send funds to someone. When betting with your bookmaker if they accept it, you can send money from your bank account into theirs, meaning they will not hold your bank card details. This is a very safe option and millions of people send bank wires each day, so it is a very popular payment method for anything, including depositing with bookmakers.


Cheques are not used as often as they used to be but they can still be used to deposit funds into your betting account. When you send a cheque you will have to send it through the post for your bookmaker to receive and then cash, but it does mean that they will not hold your bank card details so it does keep your details safe when you are betting online. Cheques are not common, but they can still be used if you wish to pay in this way.

Fast Bank Transfer

If you need to get funds in fast and you don’t want to wait for the clearing time that a standard bank wire has, you can use a fast bank transfer to get funds across to your bookmaker. This sends them across faster, so you can top up your account and be placing bets in a very short period of time. The fast bank transfer has this obvious advantage over a standard bank wire, and that is why many people are now looking into this payment method with their bookmaker.


Poli is a payment method that links to your bank account to pay someone without revealing your own bank details to them, all they will see is your Poli account. This works very similar to a bank transfer, and your bank must be registered with Poli to take the funds from, they do not take funds off a bank card.


The Paysafecard is a top up card that can be used online to pay your bookmaker. There are many ways in which you can top up your Paysafecard, from using your bank card to depositing in cash in a high street shop that allows you to top your card up with them. With the ability to use cash on these cards, and not need a bank account, this payment method will suit many people.


UseMyFunds links your bank account to your bookmaker without them seeing your information, and allows you to deposit money using your account. This means that your bank details are not shown to the bookmaker, all they will see is the USeMyFunds account you have, but payments can be taken straight away from your bank using this method. 

Bookmaker Bank Wire  Cheque Fast Bank Transfer Poli Paysafecard UseMyFunds
_________________________________ __________ ____________________ __________ ______________ ____________
32RedSports Yes No No No Yes No
_____________ ____________________ __________ ____________________ __________ ______________ ____________
Bet @ Home Yes No No No Yes No
_________________________________ __________ ____________________ __________ ______________ ____________
Come On! No No Yes No Yes No
_____________ ____________________ __________ ____________________ __________ ______________ ____________
Karamba No No No No Yes No
_____________ ____________________ __________ ____________________ __________ ______________ ____________
Mobile Bet No No Yes No Yes No
_____________ ____________________ __________ ____________________ __________ ______________ ____________
NetBet No No Yes No Yes No
_____________ ____________________ __________ ____________________ __________ ______________ ____________
TonyBet No No No No Yes No