Cheltenham Festival’s step by step Introduction for Horse Racing

Cheltenham Festival’s jumping

There are three types of people in ordinary horse racing, the one who are crooks and dangerously treat their horses badly. They abuse their horse and use the drugs in large amount. They argue with their agents and make the industry to catch them. There are labors that work under leagues and game for them is fair and honest. And the third one is persons in the middle who knows all that the industry is more crooked and don’t do anything to improve things.

The first category is cheaters, small in amount but enough to stain the image of sports for everyone. They treat the sport very badly and make the bad image of sport. The second one is honest persons who are small in amount and if they are not figured out, they will be blamed wrong. They are innocent and honest person but don’t figure out by the industry so they are being wronged. The third category is horsemen and horsewomen, who are innocent and honest and they know about industry. They know that industry is very crooked and also know about all wrong things but won’t do anything for making it right. They are in majority and see all the wrong things but don’t give their all to right it.

Betting on Horse racing is also very popular and horsemen and horsewomen know about it. Many large and popular bookmakers are included in it. Cheltenham is very famous place for horse racing and horse racing betting is legal there. Horse racing is very fair at this place. There is nothing wrong in horse racing in Cheltenham. It is organized every year in Cheltenham and you can find its odds on many bookmakers. For example click here for best horse racing betting options, which is very popular bookmaker and provides lots of options for this sport in every game.

Cheltenham racecourse is for horse racing events and it is located at Prestbury Park near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. The Stayers Hurdle is oldest race from Cheltenham festival and it is a championship race. It is first run in 1912 and now it is a champion’s race and ran for championship. The festival was traditionally been held for three days till 2005 but after that a new fourth day was introduced for one championship race each day. It introduces Gold cup for Friday. In Cheltenham festival, each day have six races, five races have been added recently. Two more races are added to festival which makes overall 26 races in the Festival.

There are lots of Injuries in this festival so for security concerns the industry reduces the number of runners in races. The number of races at the Cheltenham festival has changed dramatically over the years of its presence. It is grown from two days meeting to four day meeting. So the Cheltenham Festival is very popular and right for horse racing and this festival entertains the fans too much.