How to Win at Betting in 7 Easy Steps Bookies Don’t Want You to Know

Labouchere Betting System explained

Beneath all the excitement brought by sports betting there lies a great deal of risk.

A risk that after that adrenaline rush most of us will be left with empty pockets and empty hearts, drained of any emotion known to man.

Winning is what betting is all about but bookies really don’t want you to be successful as it would mean getting them out of business. In order to make most of betting you’ll need to follow ten easy steps that hardly any bookmaker will tell you about.

Emotions Off

The first thing you need to remember is never to bet with your heart. it’s easier said than done but forcing yourself to switch off the emotions will be the best betting decision you can make. A Clear mind is all you need in order to steer away from making rash decisions about betting on your favourite team when odds are stacked against them.

Understand What You’re Betting On

Betting is more than sheer luck and in order to be good at it and successful in the end, you need to know what you’re betting on. Understanding the sport and its ins and outs, following latest occurrences to every single detail could be crucial.

Don’t Steer Away from Less Known Markets

Once you start to gain understanding and knowledge of a sport, competition, and teams in it, you will be able to expand your expertise and bet on stuff, not every punter would dare put their money on.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue which applies to betting as well. Emotions will block your view but hastiness will come to bite you in the back. Don’t be cocky and overly confident, bide your time and make a move forward once you’ve ticked all the boxes.

Be Modest

Don’t ever go into overload with betting on a great number of selections. Punters tend to forget this and would often go on to pile up selections they believe would come together for a life-changing payoff. In reality, however, the fewer selections you choose to put on your slip, the better the chance of winning you’ll have.

Be Wise

The one thing you need to remember with betting is that favorites do not always win. It happens far too often that a clear-cut favorite would go on to lose the most obvious of matches but what exactly is where your clear mind, extensive knowledge and patience should come into play.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool are the best explanation you can use to describe the point here. When you see Reds beat Arsenal 4-0 this Saturday, it should come as little surprise to see them backed at something like 1/5 to grab three points against – let’s say – Crystal Palace the very next week. What bookies will sometimes tend to overlook is Liverpool’s unpredictability and their utterly frustrating inability to cope with teams that lay back deep in their own half disabling Reds to develop their recognisable high-intensity game. This is where a wise punter would either avoid the bet completely or back it up with a Both Teams to Score selection or a Draw if their wisdom is followed by courage as well.

Shop Around

Betting is a competitive business and new bookies will do anything they can to make you stick around. Loyalty is a commendable trait but when it comes to betting it can often come at your own detriment. Wise punters will always shop around to look for better value and more enticing odds for a certain market or selection.