Horse-racing betting trivia: Do you know your stuff?

With the festive season well under way and the annual opening of board games revolving around knowledge and trivia only a few days away, now is as good a time as any to get clued up on your horse racing knowledge!

Courtesy of the Horse Racing experts at Bethut let’s see just how much you know about horse racing. You may be surprised!

Regardless of sport, in the build-up to any big event, whether it’s Wimbledon, the Superbowl, World Cup, or the Grand National, the odds on each out-comes are talked about by pretty everyone interested in the event. And for those taking a gamble on the given odds, some are set to make a loss and some may be set to make a huge win. But how do the bookies protect themselves?

More often than not, the set odds are a lot lower than the live-market odds and that tends to be how bookies protect themselves, ensuring that betting margin. In-play betting is now available thanks to technological advances, with technology having revolutionised betting.

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, betting is more accessible than ever, punters are able to place a bet from any connected device wherever they are.

The Quiz

  1. So you’re selecting your horses for your bet before the race. Looking at the list of horses about to races, which would be the favourite to win?

A) 5/1 B) 1/4 C) 1/1 D) 5/4

2. If something is odds-on, what does this mean?

A) The horse is deemed to have little chance of winning. B) The horse is a non-starter. C) The horse is an outsider and may surprise all. D) The favourite.

3. And a banker, what does this term mean?

A) Someone who has placed a bet. B) The person who set the odds. C) A guaranteed winner. D) The person who pays out the money if you win.

4. If you wagered a monkey on a horse, what would you be placing?

A) A free bet. B) The stake you got back from your losing horse. C) £100. D) £500.

5. Someone willing to reveal betting tips in exchange for money is known as…

A) A tout. B) A tipster. C) A jockey’s mate.D) A Yankee.

6. What is a pony?

A) A horse that his little chance of winning. B) An accumulator. C) A bet which will treble your winnings. D) A £25 bet.

7. Before many races, in order to protect themselves, or if they’re unsure, punters sometimes bet ‘each-way’ on their chosen horse. But what does this mean?

A) You double your winnings. B) You get your money back if the horse does not win. C) You combine each of your bets. D) You win if the horse comes 1st or in the top places.

8. Finally, how many individual bets make up a Yankee?

A) 5. B) 10. C) 11. D) 8.

9. What kind of a race is a 'Bumper'?

A) A National Hunt flat race. B) One with lots of hurdles. C) A race which attracts ‘bumper’ crowds. D) A race that has no clear favourite.

10. Which 50-1 shot dramatically ended Golden Horn’s unbeaten run?

A) Grey Gatsby. B) Gleneagles. C) Arabian Queen. D) Treve.

1B, 2D, 3C, 4D, 5A, 6D, 7D, 8C, 9A, 10C.