Are Free Bets Really Free?

Well, isn’t that the question of all questions?

From a regular punter’s perspective, there is nothing wrong in seeking ways to get the best out of your betting experience ad with that in mind the Free Bets are supposed to make it happen.

Do they, though?

To make it simple straight from the top – the answer to that burning question is not easy as Yes and No. Betting universe is filled with different types of sportsbooks and betting sites who offer different kinds of Free Bets and, of course, various bonus attractions to draw new customers.

Free Bet are usually promoted as the sing-up incentive and although they look like a great reason to choose a particular betting site, you need to make sure to read the terms and conditions, compare them to other bookies and then – and only then – make your decision, once you have learned if those free bets we are talking about pay in money or not.

Skimming through various betting sites will yield three of the most commonly used phrases that tend to confuse new players: Promo Cash, Free Bet and Risk-Free Bet.

Promotional Cash

Never mind the word cash as you won’t be able to see any of it in this feature. What bookies do with this term is attract new customers with a virtual amount to bet with. It is all great, but you need to have in mind that your stake is not returned in case you win – just the winnings you made.

In short, the promo cash can be used as the initial stake, which then gets deducted from the winnings. Still, not to be too harsh on the bookies, any potential cash you win on top of the Promo Cash can sometimes be a good incentive to get you going, right?

Free Bet

Unlike the promo cash, Free Bet often requires players to make a deposit before a bookmaker goes on to match the invested amount as ‘free bet’ you can then place on a range of selected events.

Note that those events often include games and matches which are less likely to go your way or those which are well over certain odds you find acceptable. Additionally, some markets will not be available for free betting, which can make this option quite limiting.

Ultimately, it needs to be pointed out that Free Bets often require punters to wager an additional sum of money before they can actually make a withdrawal.

Risk Free Bet

The title is well enough to lead you into a conclusion. Risk-Free bets are supposed to include the option to reclaim your investment if your bets don’t go through. Don’t think that you will be able to get the money back in your pockets and wallets however, as these risk-free bets are often returned as free bets.

If you insist on withdrawing it, the bookies will require you to make an additional wager in order to get your money, thus making a new risk of losing the wagered amount. Investing more money on new bets does not seem like a fair way to go about with something that is supposed to be betting without any risks.